Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Missile Game 3D

Missile Game 3D sees you flying along some tubey things avoiding the obstacles in the way. It's elementary fun, but good fun all the same!

Can you tell I'm catching up on some blogging tonight?!

Scribble - Nitrome

Scribble is brilliant. It's like a cross between Lemmings and some kind of Nintendo DS game! Draw bridges and walls to guide your 'blots' to the end of each level. Very addictive...


Rings is like a cross between the towers of Hanoi and some kind of tetris-y thing... It's hard to explain, but basically you have to stack the rings in size order to clear them and make room for the other rings that appear... It's really good fun!

Free Rider

Free Rider at onemorelevel.com is great fun. It's kinda like Line Rider which I blogged back in September, but you can 'save' the tracks and there are loads in the forums... Have a play!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Run, jump, change colour

This is hard! Change your colour to that of the beam that you're trying to get through and then use the arrow keys to duck, jump or jump through the beams. Starts OK, gets much harder!

Long time, no post...

It seems that I have neglected this blog a little!
How about this for the first of 2007? Pictaps is a nifty little 'game' where you draw a character and watch it dance...

Hours of endless fun!