Saturday, October 21, 2006

Even more fonts

Better fonts is another free fonts site. I'm a bit of a font fan, and this is a great collection to mooch through at your leisure...

Robin Hood - The Outlaws' Revenge

This BBC website is releasing a new game every Saturday following their next episode of Robin Hood. The first two games are there now, and a third one will be released tonight. Whilst not the highest quality flash games I've ever played, they're certainly an entertaining diversion for 5 minutes, and that's why they've got onto the blog! Enjoy.


BallDroppings is another of those, 'not a game but a toy' applications. You can use the java applet, but I'd suggest downloading it because it's great full screen! Hours (or 5 minutes at least) of endless fun...

Monday, October 16, 2006 ...the website version of Paul Neave is an excellent way to spend many 5 minute breaks. The combination of a clean interface and simple but addictive flash apps is a pleasure to explore. I particularly enjoyed "Imagination" which reminded me a bit of the Jackson Pollock website, and Flash Earth which is quite amazing (I am a Google Earth junkie mind you)...
Thanks to Ken for the tip-off

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Funny Farm

Funny Farm is a game where you guess the words in the mind-map to try and solve the puzzle. I've spent 5 minutes on it so far and it's blowing my mind! Let me know if you'd like to colaborate... Heeeeeelp!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


vNES. Fantastic fun and a huge timewaster? Yes. Legal? Probably not. Go check it out - it's a Nintendo emulator in your web browser. Oh, and read the tips on the front page - I had to double click before it recognised keystrokes.

What a load of Pollocks...

The Jackson Pollock is a great site. Load it up, move your mouse around and click to change colour. Press any key to display a credit. Don't get freaked out by the fact that the page is blank when it loads - just get movin'!

From download squad.

Bottle Capper

Play Bottle Capper at and see if you can shoot the tops off the bottles. Yup, don't try to smash them, just shoot the caps off...